After taking my school-leaving exam I went to university in the capital, where I faced with a different atmosphere and different opportunities than before.

In the first years, even here, I couldn’t find my place. Then all of a sudden, a friend of mine, showed and borrowed me an Osho book. This then took me even deeper into my inner journey.

I also decided to try some kind of Japanese martial arts as I was always interested and I hadn’t had a chance to do so in my hometown. So I went to an Aikido dojo of another university. I only spent half a year practicing it, but Ueshiba Morihei O-Sensei and the stories about him and the Aikido itself are still among my favourites.

My first encounter with the Usui Spiritual Healing Method happened thanks to this dojo. On their website there were mentioned other Japanese paths as well, including Reiki. At the time, I didn’t know what this method was, but I clicked on the link provided, and another website showed up.

This is how I started my search on this topic. Immediately noticeable was that there are many different trends within Reiki. It soon became clear that not all of them could be authentic, or at least several people wrote, “We’ll take you from beginner to master level in a weekend.” I thought then and I still do: this way of thinking had nothing to do with the Japanese mentality. Having some knowledge already about the Japanese culture, it was clear for me that in Japan you surely couldn’t become a master in just a couple of days. So I excluded these schools or teachers from my circle of interest as “suspicious” ones.

Later I found a website where Dae Chong and another Reiki teacher wrote some words about their Reiki lineage. I read Dae Chong’s short introduction and I took to him at once. As a coincidence: he also mentioned Osho on this website which I took as a „sign”.

However, no one was available at the phone number he provided…

Then I continued my search and there was a place where I applied for training, but … For about one year I was not able to attend any training anywhere. Either the date of course was not convenient for me, or when I went to the given location, no one was there and so on…

I spent almost a year searching, meeting with difficulties, until I found Dae Chong again. I thought: „Well, let’s give it another try.” I called his number and to my greatest surprise, someone answered this time 🙂

During our telephon conversation it turned out that I did not have enough money for paying his course. As a student this price was too high for me. But I was very interested in the Usui Spiritual Healing Method, so I decided to borrow money. Luckily, one of my friends was able to support me with this amount, so I ended up taking Dae Chong’s training.

I got to the course a few minutes before the scheduled time, I knocked on the door, but no one answered and I didn’t hear any noise from the other side. I thought: „Well, the same story again. No one is here.” But maybe because this place was far away from my place of residence, it was also quite cold, I decided to stay for a while. I thought, if I had come to there, I had travelled and had been shivering so much, I really should just stay as long as I would be able to bear the freezing weather. And, of course, I was also excited to figure it out: is it whether just a coincidence that I found Dae Chong after a year again, or not?

And then… Dae Chong opened the door. He told me I would be the only student that day, but I felt completely calm, even though I was in an unknown place with an unknown person. Then the training began. I learned all that was known about Usui Sensei’s life at that time within the Usui Shiki Ryoho system, some practices and I got my first attunement, too.

This experience then changed my whole life. In hindsight I already know that I was fortunate to find Dae Chong Sensei, because he was able to convert my first attunement into an initiation. The difference between the two is huge, but it only became clear to me over the years.

It all happened in 2004. Since then, I have never stopped practicing Reiki. Either I treat myself or others with it, I also practice the Usui meditation every day, so it really has become an integral part of my life.

At first I had minor successes in applying this healing method, such as faster wound healing, faster skin regeneration after burning myself, tonsillitis came back less often than before, and also my sight had failed every year before practicing Reiki, but nothing since then. This means 16 years so far. What a great gift!

We remained in contact with Master Dae Chong after our first meeting. At first we communicated less, but over the years he became my friend, not just my teacher. Today I have a very strong energetic relationship with him, I mean: our friendship became a Master-Disciple relationship.

But that, of course, took a couple of (exciting) years.

Initially, we didn’t have a Community, but Dae Chong Sensei had disciples in several parts of the country and over the years I got to know them little by little. I practiced as much as possible, and after about one year, my Master allowed me to start the second level in the Usui Shiki Ryhoho system, and even more years later, I got my certification from him in level III / A.

In the meantime, I learned that Dae Chong had an intuition in 1997, before he was inaugurated as a Reiki teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho System: “Reiki is not what it is known in Hungary today.” He asked his teacher about this intuition and she honestly told him that there are a lot of problems with so-called Reiki “masters”. There are trends where the procedure of how to give attunements was changed by using symbols which had nothing to do with Reiki, and there were ongoing problems on some lineages. The spirituality actually had disappeared from a lot of Western style schools. There wasn’t any enlightened Master in Reiki circles in Hungary, although Mikao Usui O-Sensei was such a Master, and also other Japanese Masters were at certain levels of enlightenment.

So Dae Chong embarked on research. He was trying to find out the truth about the different Reiki trends and lineages that were present in our country at that time and he made comparisons. He later wrote his thesis on this topic.

To this end, Dae Chong learned Japanese and also completed a classical Japanese translator course to understand the original texts about Reiki.

To the best of our knowledge today, not everything is correct in his dissertation anymore, but that time we still had no contacts with Japanese Masters and we still had no possibility to read all those original documents about Reiki what our Foundation possesses today.

We, Dae Chong Sensei’s disciples, sometimes spent time practicing together after 2004. Master Dae Chong has also established an Association for the Protection of Reiki Tradition in Hungary, but since then this Association has lost its original purpose. It is completely lacking in spirituality and there are serious problems there with some so called Reiki “masters”. Dae Chong quit this Association as soon as he realized the problems and that there is no intention to resolve them.

In 2007, Dae Chong’s disciples and a few more teachers decided to set up an organization that would only accept guidance from Japanese Masters on what Reiki and its real Tradition were. To reach these goals we had to made every effort to get to Japan, to establish relations there, which – due to the hierarchical system of the Japanese society, and since it is a Japanese tradition-, was not so simple to reach from a Central European ex-communist country.

We didn’t know then, but we have faced several financially difficult-, but at the same time beautiful years. Master Dae Chong toured the country and he travelled also to Romania for giving news everywhere about our goals and asking the masters who could be interested in Reiki Tradition to joining forces. Dae Chong Sensei asked them to donate a certain amount for our trip to Japan and in return he promised to pass on any information he was allowed to share with the permission of the Japanese Masters.

This is how our first trip to Japan took place in 2008. More than 40 people contributed to the trip of the three of us, and there were 3 more Hungarian Reiki teachers who could join us at their own expense.

So my first years of practicing the Usui Spiritual Healing Method were very exciting. A whole new world opened up before me, and for the first time in my life I felt like I had finally found what I was looking for.