n 2007, a small team founded the Usui Spiritual Lernejo Community, with the goal of restoring the Reiki Tradition in the country. We decided to ask guidance from Japan, if possible, from Masters of the original organization (Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai).

Master Dae Chong got to work hard. In 2008, he travelled around Hungary to show the Reiki masters those practices that he had already learned, in order to seek cooperation and ask for financial aid for a trip to Japan. By the end of the process, over 40 Reiki masters had given donations to the trip for 3 people, including Master Dae Chong and me.

In October 2008, 6 of us set out to Japan. 4 people of the group attended Jikiden Reiki training with Masaki Nishina Sensei. Master Dae Chong and I were introduced to some of the traditional basic practices.

This marked the beginning of a collaboration, building relationships with Japan. It took years until Master Dae Chong managed to return to Japan again. He was there twice alone and in 2016 with his two disciples: Kikyō and me. Although Dae Chong Sensei got the permission to teach also from our Japanese Master in 2014, he hadnt started it without us. Since 2016, Kikyō and I also have been allowed to teach.


After our trip in 2008, a real Community started to build up in Hungary. We hold a lot of trainings and in 2009 we opened our first treatment center in the capital, Budapest, too. (Before that, a treatment center has been already established in Tatabánya.) Over the years we have had treatment facilities in other towns as well: in Balatonlelle, Szeged, Lakitelek and we were present in Pécs and Győr for a while. In addition to the above-mentioned places, local practicing communities also operated in Mór, Kaposvár and Tamási for some time.

Productive years have come. We were able to help a lot of people with treatments and a lot of people completed trainings by us. We had practitioners in more regions of the country and we also had some therapists and professional healers.

It was a beautiful period, we could experience some beautiful years.


In 2011, the Hungarian government introduced a new law which deprived many communities of their „ecclesiastical” status, including us (we operated as a Buddhist community). For the public they communicated that their original claim was to cancel only „business churches”, namely those who just use this legal form of operation to wriggle out of paying taxes. But the truth was: They excluded anyone who refused to make a pack with the state, this means, everyone who refused to be corrupted either financially or spiritually. We choosed to live and operate in accordance with the spirituality and teachings of our Japanese Masters and the Tradition left to us by Mikao Usui O-Sensei.

The excluded communities were deprived of the donations of the supporters, so they became practically unviable. This was waiting for us, too.


So, deprived of everything, the number of people in the Community had been declining, we could no longer provide treatments for donations, so we were practically not been able to reach those in need. We didn’t have enough money left over for our maintenance costs. We had to close our treatment facilities one by one, and by 2014, all teachers in the Community had left the country. Our leaving was a kind of protest against the oppression built up in Hungary, and on the other hand it was also a proposal of our Masters. Such a corrupt and legally vulnerable situation is not conducive to true spirituality.


Preserving, protecting and introducing the Tradition to those interested, which was one of our original goals, can only be a process that
proceeds from a country where we can operate legally as a Community. Behind us there still is not such a well-established system like behind other Traditions, e.g. Zen buddhism. The Masters of these older Traditions are already financially supported by an established Community, they are at home anywhere in the world, they always have accommodation in the buildings of their Communities, they always have something to eat, and so on…

This is not yet the case by usHopefully, if we work hard and do our best, the next generation can already get this.


Therefore, due to the situation in Hungary, I was the first to leave the country in 2013. With this, the concept of homeland and feeling somewhere at home has changed radically for me. I have come to a place where many nations live together and you can learn something from everyone. The world opened up not only to me, but also to Master Dae Chong, Kikyō and two of our healers, who in 2014, also left our homeland.

We moved to the international level. What we could not achieve from our homeland, we try to achive from other countries and serve the people all around the world with the Usui Spiritual Healing Method.
Well, does real life begin beyond your comfort zone? Mine for sure …